Monday, August 23, 2010

A shameless tribute to Emma Stone

Disclaimer: I am not, nor have I ever claimed to be, an objective film critic or journalist. I’m a film geek—fully self proclaimed. The following entry is a gushing piece of fandom but I also try to make a point about contemporary young actresses. OK, here we go...

I have an...

adulation, affection, amorousness, appreciation, ardency, cherishing, crush, enchantment, fondness, infatuation, soft spot, yearning and zeal for a young actress named Emma Stone. The name might not ring a bell but chances are you’ve seen her in such films as Superbad, The House Bunny and Zombieland. Here is an example of a young actress with a spunky sense of humor, personality, intelligence and attitude to compliment her beauty. She has striking eyes, a wonderful speaking voice and a god-damned sexy grin that would make Jack Nicholson blush. Bill Murray has told the press she is very funny and she has somethin'.

She’s a refreshing new addition to movies in the age of Megan Fox running from CGI robots.

Ms. Stone hasn’t made a great film yet but I do believe she will one day. I hope that talented filmmakers like David Gordon Green or Edgar Wright, to give a couple of examples, have her on their radar. She's a casting director's dream.

This September comes the release of Stone’s first lead role in the high school comedy Easy A, a comic variation of The Scarlett Letter in which she plays an unpopular girl who in pretending to take the virginity of the nerds in order to give them some new found cool, gains a reputation as the school floozy. I can only speak about the trailer since I haven’t seen the movie yet. It could go either way: this could be another tired and routine high school movie in which the under appreciated wallflower rises to the occasion and overcomes the cruelty of the evil popular crowd OR Stone’s natural grace and gift as a brilliant comic actress will transcend the genre’s cliches. She certainly has a talented cast opposite her: Stanley Tucci and Patricia Clarkson play her parents.

One of the most tantalizing qualities of Emma Stone is how classical her screen presence and personality is. She seems wise beyond her years and reminds me of the charismatic and witty personality of someone like Katherine Hepburn. If they remade Bringing Up Baby, they should cast Stone.

The missing ingredient in many of today's actresses seems to be a sense of individuality and unique attitude aside from the basic talent of performance. Lindsey Lohan has proven herself as a talented and likable actress in a good movie like Mean Girls, but people are perfectly happy accepting her based on the cliches of the proverbial celebrity train wreck: the scandals mixed in with one note sex appeal. It seems to be a cruel hobby to verbally beat up on an actress in shallow celebrity gossip mags rather than pay attention to what that actress is doing artistically. Stone is a place apart from that because she is focused and smart. There seems to be another adjective I'm looking for to describe her in a singular way but I'm having a hard time finding it...

Winsome? That's a good one.

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